How to use?

Our app transforms your mobile device into a digital display, allowing seamless communication between customers and restaurant staff. When seated, inform the server that you’re using the mobile app Table Signals to communicate your requests. To use our app effectively, we recommend using mobile ring holders to ensure your phone stays in landscape mode for optimal visibility.

  • Mobile Ring Holders: Your Perfect Companion

These nifty accessories securely attach to your phone and allow you to keep the device in landscape mode. Here’s why they’re essential:

  • Sturdy Grip:

They help prevent accidental drops.

  • Adjustable Stand:

Use them as a stand to keep your phone in landscape mode.

  • Sleek Design:

Stylish and practical, they enhance your phone’s aesthetics.

Recommended Products:

We’ve partnered with reputed mobile accessories brands to bring you high-quality mobile ring holders. By making a purchase through our affiliate links, you not only enhance your dining experience but also support our app development.