Enhanced Customer Experience 

A flawless dining experience is yours when you have quick and easy access to your server whenever you need them. With Table Signals, you are in charge and no longer need to raise your hand to get attention.

Enhanced Restaurant Efficiency

Our solution improves customer service by streamlining restaurant operations. Servers can use their time efficiently, since they don’t need to go up to diners to ask if they require anything else. There is faster service, and tables are turned over quickly.

Discreet Communication  

Table Signals provides a discreet method of calling your server, making it ideal for business meetings, romantic dinners, or any other situation when discreet service is desired.

Feedback Mechanism 

You can share your opinions and help restaurants continuously improve their services by giving them insightful feedback directly through the Table Signals platform.

Reduced Wait Times

Say goodbye to long waits for service. Table Signals enables restaurants to respond promptly, reducing wait times.